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Realistic Expectations when Hiring a Live-In Caregiver







Check out our top 7 tips for realistic expectations when you hire a Live-In Caregiver.

  • Acknowledge that your nanny has arrived in Canada for the first time. You will need to teach her everything she is required to do, from how to use the washing machine to what to feed the children.
  • Do not assume she will know what needs to be done. Just like in any other job where you are the supervisor you will need to delegate tasks.
  • Understand that the culture shock may be overwhelming; the weather, the food, the size of the home, the appliances, the cleaning products, the language, the relationship Canadian employers have with their nannies and the way they raise their children will all be different. This may leave her completely at odds when trying to deal with a Canadian family.
  • Be patient. It may take several months for the nanny to settle into her job and into your home.
  • Be reasonable. Do not expect your nanny to be able to do more than you could.
  • Creating fair working conditions will help your nanny feel settled and secure that she is with a “good employer.”
  • Your nanny may also have realistic expectations of the position. Canada is sometimes seen as an attractive place to work because it is “easier” than other places. It is your responsibility to set the ground rules for the position and ensure your nanny knows what is expected of her.

Every placement is different, whether this is your first Live-In Caregiver or you’ve had multiple nannies in the past. Each placement will take time to settle but the above tips will help you find your groove and set up reliable routines with your Caregiver!

Au Pair vs. In-Home Caregiver

We’ve put together a side-by-side comparison between Au Pairs and In-Home Caregivers. Check it out to see which form of childcare best suits your family’s needs.

Au Pair In-home Caregiver
•   Must have childcare experience, preferably outside the family such as babysitting, tutoring, completing an internship in a daycare/preschool •    Many have a minimum of 1 year of full-time work experience as nanny, an early childhood education and 1 year of work experience in the according field, or a 6 month care giving training course
•   Main responsibility: childcare

•   Assists with child-related household duties including meal preparation, doing the children’s laundry, and helping to keep their rooms clean


•    Main responsibility: childcare and housekeeping

•     Always live-in •    Option to live-in or live-out
•     10 – 12 months, sometimes 6 months (Dec-Mar) •    2 years
•     Between 18-29 years of age •    No age limit, majority are between 25-45 years
•   High school graduates (ECE certificate for Au Pair Professionals) •    Usually high school or post-secondary education in nursing, midwifery or teaching

•     No additional costs

•    Family must pay for the caregiver’s roundtrip flight as well as healthcare coverage until eligible for provincial health coverage and LMIA costs.
•   Applicant must complete a medical exam and police clearance(s) prior to entering Canada •    Applicant must complete a medical exam and police clearance(s) prior to entering Canada
•   Comes to Canada for a “cultural exchange” – more like a big sister to your children •    An In-home Caregiver may also offer in-home elderly care or disabled adult care
•     Has a driver’s license •    Rarely has a driver’s license
•   Proficient in English as a second language or native speaker •    Proficient in English as a second language
•     Au Pair is paid minimum wage •    Caregiver is paid median prevailing wage
•   Room and board are deductible, the amount depends on province •    Room and board cannot be deducted
•   Working hours range from between 25 – 44 hours per week •    Caregiver works full-time between 40 – 48 hours

•   No additional paperwork needs to be submitted to Canadian Embassy or Service Canada

•    Canadian Embassy processing the application requires potential employers’ Notice of Assessments to determine eligibility, letter from employer, Proof of Identity and Address
•     No Labour Market Impact Assessment required •    Labour Market Impact Assessment is required
•     No advertising required •    Advertising using at least four different methods of recruitment
•     Processing times range between 5 – 16 weeks •    Processing times range between 6 – 9 months

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How to be a great Nanny employer!


How to be a great Nanny Employer!

It’s a nanny’s world out there meaning that if you find a good nanny – hold on to her!

1.) Follow provincial labour standards with regards to hourly pay rate, overtime, vacation time etc. This is so simple and is yet the number one issue of contention between nannies and employers. It is what she is entitled to, and anything else simply won’t do!

 2.) Show your appreciation … and often! Nanny employers are also busy families, but take the time to show your nanny, this special person who cares for your children on a daily basis, how grateful you are for helping you run the household more efficiently.

3.) Provide regular raises and bonuses for continued good work. If a nanny is from overseas, purchase a flight to her home country to enable her to visit her family. Provide monthly bus passes to help your their nanny socialize on her time off or give birthday and Christmas bonuses.

4.) Have respect for her position as a nanny and appreciate that it is an important job! Even she may not always want to work as a nanny forever, but nanny traits like being trustworthy, organized, reliable and being patient are traits important for all jobs.

 5.) Communicate well with your nanny and let her know she can talk to you openly too. Don’t let little problems escalate out of control. Try and schedule regular nanny performance reviews, where you and your nanny can sit down and discuss any issues.

6.) At the end of the day, just remember – A happy nanny means happy children, and a happy you!

11 Reasons to Hire a Nanny

There is really no way to spin this truth: childcare is expensive.

When it comes to comparing the costs of modern childcare options, families are often stymied by how pricey the process of sponsoring and hiring a nanny can be.

But why do so many families across Canada (and around the world) prefer having a nanny to other types of childcare? There must be some reason. 

In fact, there are dozens of reasons. This article, for instance, lists a whopping 67 reasons, to be exact.

For the sake of brevity and conciseness, we thought we’d stick to what we think are the top eleven reasons to hire a nanny, instead of another form of childcare.

Who knows? Hiring a nanny might end up being the best thing for you and your family.

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1. Nannies are experienced caregivers.

In many cases, nannies have had years of experience in childcare and often have other educational and professional experiences that enhance their abilities as your child’s caregiver.

A lot of overseas nannies have children of their own in their home countries, and choose to work as nannies in Canada or elsewhere in order to provide for those children and one day fund their travels or even immigration into Canada.

2. Nannies are available for long-term commitments.

Many overseas nannies stay with their families for at least two years, and sometimes even longer.

This can provide you and your children with desirable continuity and lead to a more comfortable childcare arrangement than one in which turnover and transition are more likely to occur.

3. Nannies are flexible.

This is probably the reason most families cite as the most important one that factored into their decision to hire a nanny in the first place.

We get it! Raising children while working full-time is no picnic, and parents find that having a nanny affords them with much more flexibility than a daycare or another type of caregiver can.

You can create your nanny’s schedule based around your schedule, and most nannies are used to week-to-week schedule changes therefore they can be very adaptable if and when you need to adjust their working hours.

4. Nannies help with housework.

One of the benefits of having a nanny as opposed to a babysitter or another form of childcare is that they help with housework.

This includes basic clean up related to the children’s activities, preparation of meals, the general maintenance of their rooms and play areas, and additional chores as needed.

While the primary role of a nanny is a caregiver for your children, rather than housekeeper, nannies expect to do a little bit of both, especially in situations where the children are at school or sleeping.

5. Nannies can be live-in.

This scenario is not only convenient, it can also foster a more familial bond between your family and your nanny, giving your children another trustworthy adult to rely on as well as keep them safe and happy.

6. Nannies can act as a third member of your parenting team.

Let’s face it, parenting isn’t easy!

It can be incredibly helpful to have a third parent figure in your children’s lives who spends almost as much time as you do with them (and sometimes more) and knows what they are like and what their needs are, both for day-to-day happiness and personal growth and maturation.

It can be difficult to keep a babysitter or a daycare centre helper in the ‘parenting’ loop about what your child needs, especially when it comes to discipline, but due to the nature of a nanny (especially a live-in nanny) there are likely to be far fewer inconsistencies between the raising and parenting of your children.

7. Nannies help you maintain your household.

As the previously cited article describes, “Your home is under control when you walk in the door.”

Can you imagine coming home to a clean house, happy and healthy children who are doing their homework or whatever it is they should be doing that moment, and all you have to do is greet your children and help with dinner (if the nanny hasn’t already begun making it)?

All of this is possible if you decide to hire a nanny!

woman holding a cute girl8. Nannies can take on the role of date night babysitter.

Provided those hours she spends ‘babysitting’ your children don’t lead her to exceed her full-time limit, with a nanny, you eliminate the need of calling a casual or part-time babysitter to watch your kids while you take an evening off!

9. Nannies can be affordable similar to day care costs.

For most daycare, for instance, you pay per child, whereas with a nanny, you generally do not pay for the number of children.

In addition, if you miss a day of daycare because your children are sick, you are still have to pay for that particular day. With a nanny, she will be there to work and take care of your kids whether they are healthy or sick.

10. Nannies provide one-on-one attention.

Your child is guaranteed to have more one-on-one attention and care if looked after by a nanny.

While the socialization aspect of daycare is appealing, it can often to your child feeling neglected or less than stimulated. A nanny makes her career out of being a nanny and can provide activities tailored specifically for your children and their needs, and can adapt with other activities and strategies as needed, rather than have to depend on what the majority wants or needs.

11. Nannies can be like an extended member of the family.

There are so many success stories of families whose relationships with their past nannies last a lifetime.

And, after all, as Julia Quinn-Szcesuil says, “your nanny loves your kids as fiercely as you do and will do everything in her power to make them happy, healthy, and secure.”

What more could you want for your children?

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Benefits of Hiring a Live-in Caregiver


Experienced and qualified nannies give families the luxury of flexibility. They know their children are taken care of by a dependable and reliable caregiver. The convenience of having a live-in nanny is that her commute is less than 5 seconds! They are there for those morning rushes that you need to get ready for work, prepare for a meeting and arrive on time!

You can rely on your nanny for those last minute emergencies or unexpected overtime at work. This eliminates having to face a fine at a daycare with stringent hours. You do not have to adhere to anybody’s schedule but your own. The schedule is set by you and it depends on individual needs and requirements.

Having a live-in nanny is a great alternative to sending your children to daycare because it is much more cost-effective. A live-in nanny is statistically less expensive than sending 2 kids to daycare, what a deal! You get the value, service and quality at an affordable price so if both parents work they can comfortably enjoy their incomes without the financial strain. You receive high quality of care and personalized attention for a lesser price, so that both you and your children can benefit from the service!

Cultural Exchange:
You can maximize the benefit of having a live-in nanny by taking advantage of the invaluable cultural exchange. Often, live-in caregivers come from diverse cultures so they can expose your children to different languages, traditions and customs. This can broaden your children’s horizons, enhance their knowledge, and enrich their education! This gives your entire family an intercultural opportunity that is mutually rewarding. Overall, the exposure to culturally diverse individuals can enhance a child’s personal development and growth.

Work/Life Balance:
Having a live-in nanny can enable you to engage in the things you enjoy doing. It gives you more time for yourself and the time you would spend getting your children ready and commuting to daycare can be spent elsewhere. Additionally, it lends opportunity for more quality time with your family that you would otherwise spend attending to housekeeping duties. You can improve your work and life balance by reducing the stress associated with uncertainty of childcare. Regardless of the weather conditions, work schedule or illness, you can be assured that your children are taken care of.

Additional Benefits:
Your child will receive one-on-one personalized attention and thrive from the customized learning experience. You will always have the peace of mind that your children are taken care of by a professional and trusted caregiver in the safety and comfort of the most superior setting: your home! More importantly, they would be kept far away from the school bugs going around, and would subsequently avoid colds, viruses and illnesses-crucial health benefits!

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