Nanny's Profile

Marie Anne L...

25 years , Peru

I am a reliable, happy, nice and responsible person and more important, I love working with kids, I am a very active and creative person, always willing to help and learn. I am a confident person, and I always make sure that children feel confortable around me and see me as their friend and sister to create strong bonds. They are the most important thing in this job: their health, their development, their safety and well-being. I am an open minded person, and that is why I can easily fit in and get used to different lifestyles and customs. I am aware of the duties as a caregiver, and I am very responsible. One more reason why you should choose me as your caregiver is that I am a very energetic person, I love to do different activities, and sports, including winter sports, such as skiing, this is one reason why the kids would always have fun with me.

  • Educational / Teaching
  • 1 - 2
  • Spanish, English, Portuguese and French (basic)