Creating a Nanny Resume

Creating a Nanny Resume

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Helpful Tips on making a Live in Caregiver or Nanny resume:

Regardless of the type of job to which you apply, your resume provides a first impression of your education, qualifications, and experiences. While a nanny resume is not so different from other career fields, it is important to follow a few rules in order to present yourself in a professional manner. Since a resume offers that first glimpse, you want to highlight your nanny experience in an organized and detailed manner.

As like other resumes, you want to begin by placing your name and contact information at the top of the page. Your name should be in bold font, so that it is easy to read. You must remember that when an employer or agency reads a resume, they often read over it relatively quickly, looking for key points. Therefore, it is vital to always highlight the important details, such as your name, education, employment details, and skills.

After your contact information, you have a couple of choices. Some people choose to include an “objective”, that is, the reason why you are seeking a nanny position. When stating an objective, it is important to include more than “seeking a full-time job”. That is not an objective. A true objective will identify what skills you intend to use and why you want to work for that person/company. An example of a stronger objective is, “Seeking a nanny position that will utilize my diverse set of skills and help me in gaining practical experience”.

Once you have decided upon your objective, you may wish to include “Nanny Qualification Highlights”. This is your opportunity to identify four or five special skills that you think are important. These skills may be listed in short sentences and need not be too detailed.

The objective and qualification highlights are merely the appetizer to your resume. What follows is the main course; your work experience and education. When listing your work experience, it is important to organize it chronologically, from most recent work, to least recent. For each job, you should list the name of the employer, as well as the dates and location of the childcare. Underneath each entry, list the general responsibilities. What ages were the children? What were your daily duties? Did you have additional tasks besides childcare? For example, housecleaning, meal preparation, or helping with homework? All of these details will help future employers assess your qualifications.

When explaining your educational background, again it is important to include the date and location of your studies. Even if the education is not related to nanny work, it is important to share the information with future employers so they may see your versatility. Also of importance is any non-academic training, such as First AID classes.

After the main course of your resume, comes dessert. The last information you may wish to include is details about hobbies, or any specialized skills. Last but not least, include a short sentence stating, “References available upon request”. An employer or agency will always ask for your references and you may provide them when asked.

Remember – your resume provides an employer with a first impression of your qualifications for the job! Therefore, it is essential to make your resume as informative and organized as possible. Please view the article below for an example of a nanny resume – feel free to use it as a guideline for your own!

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