Being a Professional Nanny

Being a Professional Nanny

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What to expect when you are a professional nanny!

Being professional is  important,   regardless of the kind of work. As a nanny, you have a responsibility not only to your employers, but to the children you care for as well.

Taking pride in your work and acting in professional way will be beneficial to your current work relationship and to your future opportunities. Having a poor reference from a past employer will only harm your future chances of success.

That being said, here are a few general tips to follow in order to be a more “professional” employee.

Respect for Others

  • Be polite and have good manners.
  • Be punctual: if you start work at 7.a.m., you should be ready!
  • Keep your employer’s private affairs confidential.
  • Accept and listen to criticism – keep an open mind.
  • Apologize for errors or misunderstandings.
  • Do what is asked of you.
  • Speak clearly – you may not be understood all the time, it’s best to check!

Take Responsibility

  • Be honest!
  • Be reliable and dependable – this is your job!
  • Always give the best you can.

Of course, there are some tips which are more specific for nanny-work:

  • Nannies should be mindful of childhood development and plan age-appropriate activities.
  • Nannies should keep a journal to report any milestones in development or observations.
  • Nannies must supervise children carefully and use common sense when responding to emergency situations.

Remember, being a nanny is a professional job and therefore requires serious attention and effort! If you feel your nanny skills have been lacking, make it a New Year’s Resolution to try some of these tips to make your work relationship more harmonious!

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