Tips For Keeping Your Caregiver or Nanny Long-Term

Tips For Keeping Your Caregiver or Nanny Long-Term

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Great advice on how to keep your caregiver or nanny long term

Be welcoming:
Working in another country can be daunting as it is, working and living in your employer’s home even more so. Take the cultural barriers for what they are and provide her with as much information which will be of benefit. Things such as showing her how to work the appliances in the kitchen, giving her a tour of the area, including nearest bus stops and likewise will help her become more independent and increase her confidence.

Respect privacy:
Hiring a live-in nanny
does not mean that she is available all hours of the day or night. Your nanny should have a room in the home which is hers alone, and both the family and the children should respect this. Appreciate that just like any other employee she is entitled to time off, even if she is in the home, and ensure that when she is not working; she is not working!

Establish boundaries:
Having a nanny become “one of the family” is great, but always be aware of the fact that you are her employer and she is an employee. Living and working in one place can mean there is always the risk of personal issues affecting her performance in the position; professionalism should always be maintained.

Fair pay system:
Be a good employer by paying your nanny in a suitable fashion. This means an appropriate wage, with a mandatory pay stub, and on time. A pay rise after the first year is recommended.You should also think about giving her the occasional bonus for good work; it doesn’t have to be money but a gift she might enjoy.

Show support:
You should never discuss your problems or concerns with the nanny in front of the children, nor do or say anything which could undermine her authority with the children. This will only make her job more difficult. And when your nanny is doing a good job, make sure you let her know; praise goes a long way to making an employee happy.

Be flexible:
Whilst reliability is important in a nanny, allowing her time off occasionally or with only short notice if need be can be a good thing. There will be times when you’ll need to call on her to work at the last minute.

Have reasonable expectations:
Providing guidance is a good thing, and breaking down tasks and structuring the day is essential when the nanny begins the employment if she is to become well suited with your family. However be aware that being a nanny is not like other jobs, sometimes it may be impossible for her to complete a daily schedule and care for the children.

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