Raising Global Children

Raising Global Children

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Advantages to hiring a live in nanny or caregiver:

There are many advantages to hiring a live-in nanny: the flexibility in work hours, the reliability, and the consistency of your children being able to stay in their own home with someone they are familiar and comfortable with. One major benefit, which is often overlooked, is that hiring a live-in nanny or an au-pair also provides your children a great opportunity to experience different cultures from a young age. 

Someone originally from overseas can offer your children a wider view of the world. Listening to their nanny or au-pair talk about her customs, traditions and the differing ways in which she does things back home, including different songs and new food, is a great way for the children to learn.

A bilingual nanny or au-pair can foster the children’s interest in learning a second language, which is an extremely sought after skill. It is much easier for a young child to pick up languages and this will likely happen naturally as they spend time with their nanny or au-pair and pick up on the different words she uses.

Having someone from a different country look after your children can encourage an appreciation for diversity. A child who grows up being cared for by someone recognizably different from their own family is also being taught to appreciate other cultures and peoples’ differing backgrounds. This can be beneficial not only for the child’s social skills but in broadening their horizons in general.

As nannies and au-pairs usually befriend others in the same profession, they can also widen your children’s circle of friends, introducing them to other children during play dates and days out together.

Overall there are many cultural benefits in welcoming someone from overseas into your home and ultimately the experience can be both incredibly rewarding and enriching to your children’s personal growth and education.

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