How to Keep a Good Nanny

How to Keep a Good Nanny

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Tips for employing a nanny or caregiver:

Many parents find it challenging to hire the perfect nanny to fit in with their family. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make the effort of maintaining a positive work relationship once you finally find the perfect one! The following tips can help families/employers strengthen the nanny’s commitment to her job.

Encourage open lines of communication:

It is suggested that the employers set the stage for solid and effective communication with their nanny. Regular meetings should be scheduled to review the nanny’s performance. Here, employers can assess what is working and what needs improvement so that appropriate changes can be made to the daily routine. Employers should also give the nanny an opportunity to provide feedback to gauge her perspective of how things are going.

It is important to consider the insight she brings to the parenting table. This system allows for all parties to touch base with each other consistently and frequently. Also, it is important that any complaints or concerns are addressed in a constructive and professional manner.  Consider ending the meeting by giving the nanny a written evaluation of her performance, including any action steps to enhance the quality of her work.

Show your appreciation:

Ensure that you recognize your nanny’s work by giving her praise for actions that impressed you. This will make her feel valued as an employee and as a person. Perhaps you can give her a thank you card for something particular she has done.  Acknowledge her birthday and other special events in her life.  The nanny will especially appreciate any unexpected cash bonuses, gifts, or spa treatments for a job well done!  

Keep things professional:

Nannies do take their job seriously and employers need to respect that.  Mutual respect and trust are key to maintaining a healthy relationship. As such, employers should be confident in the nanny’s child-caring abilities and not doubt her decisions. Parents should also ensure that the children treat the nanny with respect, encourage them to bond, and reaffirm that their relationship with the nanny is an important one. Additionally, employers should also create healthy boundaries. This can be achieved by resisting the urge to make the nanny babysit on her days off.  As with any management, great employers breed great employees. Assuming the nanny is valued as an employee, she will most definitely meet your standard for excellence!

Pay your nanny well!

Ensure that your nanny’s pay is regular and on time. She will likely be more motivated to commit long-term and go above and beyond for your family if there is incentive and words of encouragement  rather than criticism.Your nanny deserves to be compensated at a higher rate than than the minimum wage past a certain probationary period (3 months, 6 months or at the 1 year mark).  Also, consider merit based rewards such a raise if the nanny has exceeded your expectations.

Sunny Andjic
Placement Coordinator
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