Benefits of Hiring a Live-in Caregiver

Benefits of Hiring a Live-in Caregiver

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Experienced and qualified nannies give families the luxury of flexibility. They know their children are taken care of by a dependable and reliable caregiver. The convenience of having a live-in nanny is that her commute is less than 5 seconds! They are there for those morning rushes that you need to get ready for work, prepare for a meeting and arrive on time!

You can rely on your nanny for those last minute emergencies or unexpected overtime at work. This eliminates having to face a fine at a daycare with stringent hours. You do not have to adhere to anybody’s schedule but your own. The schedule is set by you and it depends on individual needs and requirements.

Having a live-in nanny is a great alternative to sending your children to daycare because it is much more cost-effective. A live-in nanny is statistically less expensive than sending 2 kids to daycare, what a deal! You get the value, service and quality at an affordable price so if both parents work they can comfortably enjoy their incomes without the financial strain. You receive high quality of care and personalized attention for a lesser price, so that both you and your children can benefit from the service!

Cultural Exchange:
You can maximize the benefit of having a live-in nanny by taking advantage of the invaluable cultural exchange. Often, live-in caregivers come from diverse cultures so they can expose your children to different languages, traditions and customs. This can broaden your children’s horizons, enhance their knowledge, and enrich their education! This gives your entire family an intercultural opportunity that is mutually rewarding. Overall, the exposure to culturally diverse individuals can enhance a child’s personal development and growth.

Work/Life Balance:
Having a live-in nanny can enable you to engage in the things you enjoy doing. It gives you more time for yourself and the time you would spend getting your children ready and commuting to daycare can be spent elsewhere. Additionally, it lends opportunity for more quality time with your family that you would otherwise spend attending to housekeeping duties. You can improve your work and life balance by reducing the stress associated with uncertainty of childcare. Regardless of the weather conditions, work schedule or illness, you can be assured that your children are taken care of.

Additional Benefits:
Your child will receive one-on-one personalized attention and thrive from the customized learning experience. You will always have the peace of mind that your children are taken care of by a professional and trusted caregiver in the safety and comfort of the most superior setting: your home! More importantly, they would be kept far away from the school bugs going around, and would subsequently avoid colds, viruses and illnesses-crucial health benefits!

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