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Hi Lily: I think Fredenita is going to work out great. I certainly got some help from her. Thanks for the info regarding the holiday schedule. We have told her she can take both X?mas day and Boxing day off with pay. We don?t want to be nitty-gritty. Likewise, I hope she will be flexible if/when we need extra help later. Thank you for following up. Merry X?mas and I wish the New Year will bring you lots of joy and happiness. Jean (Vancouver, BC)

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Hi!I just drop by to say advance MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.Wish you may have a joyous christmas.That's all.Thanks and have a wonderful day. Maria Elena (Calgary, AB)

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hi im flordeliza, thank you for sending me the letter,the good news im working as a nanies in one employer now im done 24 months working in s___ family and im still working with them im happy working with them.and i wish if im to leave the family , the nanies that they will get,also dedicated to her job and they love the childrens specially the twins,n__,l__,j__,j___ thank you very much. (Red Deer, AB)

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Hi Lily, I'm happy to report that things are going great. Donna is a great additon to our family. Alex has taken to her really well and our 3.5 year old is warming up and has started to give her hugs and kisses:) We are very happy. She has adjusted really well. Both my husband and I feel she is very capable and confident and we enjoy her company as well. Best regards Safana (Vancouver, BC)

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Hi Colleen, I just want to thank you again for your time and efforts getting us Analiza. She is a wonderful person and so far so good. I was unable to get status to bring her to Florida with us but I am sure she will be able to come with us in the Spring if she wishes too. The kids are adjusting good, there are a few concerns as Ana is not able to reading and homework with the kids but hey if that was my worst problem that would be great. She is a smile everytime I see her. She was definitly a great pic for our family and I only hope she is enjoying us as we enjoy her. Tomorrow she will celebrate her birthday with us and she has invited a freind over to meet us too, we will try and make it special for her with a nice dinner and cake and some presents and cards from all of us. On thursday which is her actuall birhtday she will hopefully just hang out and relax for the day and spend the evening with some of her friends. She is really a wonderful girl . She will start studing for her drivers test soon so that we can help get her a drivers license and get her a nice car to drive around with the kids and when she has time off when she is employed with us, a benifit for us as Mark and I are both in the car business. Thanks again, Carol (London, ON)

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Thanks Philippa. You definitely seem to have the most selection, better candidates and present your candidates far better than most agencies. Regards Jason (Milton, ON)

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Hello Philippa, I'm so happy to hear that Desiree's visa has arrived! What great news. Thank you so much for all your effort in making this happen. I return to work on Thursday so this brings a lot of relief and peace of mind for me! We are really excited and looking forward to her arrival. We will look forward to meeting her. Thank again for all of your effort. You have been extremely helpful and professional through out this process. Thanks again for all your help. Brenda (Orangeville, ON)

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Thanks a million for your patience, assistance and kindness Colleen. We are so happy with her and Catherine seems to be very happy with us also. Luv you, luv you, Cynthia and family (Downsview, ON)

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Dear Colleen: I was just thanking God for you and the knowledge that you have shared with me to help us process Lora's visa. So I thank you so much for the advice. Lori (Ajax, ON)

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Hi Colleen. Carolyn arrived late last night and is getting oriented at our home today. All went smoothly with her trip and she seems to be settling well. She has already won my children over with a big Chinese mail tonight! Jacquelyn (Arva, ON)

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