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Dear Staff: Thank you so much! I'm very much fine in my employer here in Winnipeg. Keep in touch! Keep up the good work!!! Thanks for your big help to me to come to Canada. Chona (Winnipeg, MB)

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Hi Philippa, I will speak with Evangeline to see if she would be willing to chat with some other girls. I know another family who just went through your agency and their nanny Jenny contacted Evangeline to connect. I have to tell you that this has been a wonderful experience for our family. I have told everyone about it and now have another friend also getting a nanny (in Markham) from you guys. Just want to say thanks for helping! Take care, Kimberly (Georgetown, ON)

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Hi, a pleasant day to all of you here @ International Nannies & Homecare. I am Evangeline, I just wanna say THANK YOU very much for the wonderful Christmas card that you've sent to me,it was so nice! I appreciated it much. Again, a greatful THANKS to all of you here! GOD BLESS US ALL!

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Hi Colleen, This is great news! We are very happy and excited. Thanks for all your hard work and continuously following up and keeping us informed. Excellent service is truly what separates you from your competitors. Thanks again and have a great weekend. Paul (Richmond Hill, ON)

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Hi!I just drop by to say advance MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.Wish you may have a joyous christmas.That's all.Thanks and have a wonderful day. Maria Elena --Hi!Its me again,MARIA.I got your message and THANKS for reminding about renewing the working permit.My employer and I did it already and I got the new working permit already and Michelle told me that they want to keep me until September 2010,until Rachel (youngest child ) not going to school yet.I'm hoping I could meet you again in person someday so that I could THANK you personally.I've met yor parents already and I talked once to your mother when I've seen her on the mail box place.They're both nice.Thanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAY.

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To all my dearest Staff of International Nannies & Homecare Ltd, Hello! Everybody; first of all I'd would lik to thank you all for helping me to made my dreams come true. Thank you so much! You're truly the Agency that we can count on, and rely on! more power and more success to all of you there. I hope you can help also my brothers and sisters to come here someday. May everybody have Warmest & Joyous Christmas and more Prosperous New Year! God blesses you all! Love, Daisyline - Thank you also I found a great and nice Employer. They're very nice to me. thanks again!

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To all staff of international Nannies. Hello to all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thanks for the card you had sent.About me I am good and I have a very good employer they are so good . Work is alright too. Now I am going to be completed 2 years by this coming Febuary 19. My employer continue to employed me so I hope that I could work to them till I my immigrant will be granted.Lastly thank you so much for your help. Happy Holiday and good luck for the New Year . Best Wishes Nora

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Thank you Colleen, Have a very wonderful holiday season with your family and this one is especially special for you ? you will celebrate it with a new title ? Nonna ? truly an honour!!! Kindest regards, Cynthia P.S. I have NOT forgotten about you, we will visit very soon ? Catherine is truly wonderful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Downsview, ON)

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