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TO THE STAFF OF INTERNATIONAL NANNIES AND HOMECARE LTD., HI!!!!!im Carolyn,nanny here in Grande Prairie.I recieived Christmascard and Im so glad for it. I would like also to thank you for all the support. Thank you. More power and Godbless. (Grande Prairie, AB)

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Hello there, I really appreciate that you always sending me a newsletter thank you very much for that, i'd just married last july 2006 so now i apply my landed immigrant with my husband and my son last Sept. 2006. Many thanks, Adela

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Hello! I'm Hazel ann and im working as a nanny...I've known that you are sending a bi-monthly email newsletter to all the nannies. So, im interested to be included in your list and I would appreciate for that....I'm working here for almost three months and i had a great family to work with...They are so nice...Thanks for sending me christmas card...Sorry if this is the only time i could send an email with you because im busy with my work then... anyway, Godbless....Hope i could receive newsletters from you! Thanks and Have a nice day!!!!!!! (Sidney, BC)

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Dear Ms Shelly, Hello, good day. So far, I'm still happy and enjoying my stay in Canada with my nice employers. I like the winter too. Thanks. Yours truly, Ma. Lourdes (Ottawa, ON)

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Good morning Colleen, First of all, I still MUST come by and say hello and introduce you to Catherine. Secondly, it?s going WONDERFUL!!! The kids absolutely adore her and she?s really loving our family!!! When she comes back Sunday evenings it?s a big party ?everybody?s excited to see her again and she?s really happy to be back!!!! She?s fit into our family and seems very comfortable and happy, She very insightful ? very bright woman!! Everything happens for a reason!!! Colleen, I am sooooo grateful to you ? words cannot express!! Unfortunately my work like hasn?t slowed down ( I think I am cursed with the ?Family? curse ? ALL in my family are psychotic WORKAHOLICS and I am not far behind). Cynthia (Downsview, ON)

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hello eveyone i'm joy and this is my e mail,sorry for the delayed communications since i arrive in your beautiful place with lots of nice people around but a big thank you is never gone in my heart for placing me in the home of people i now work with! suzan and her family is kind and accomodating and these i owe to the company in hongkong and all the staff of international nannies,had it not been for you guys i'm not be able to find a family worth working with,thank you very much and keep helping the nannies that strive to work here. God bless and more power!!! Sincerely, joy (Kingston, ON)

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Thanks for everything Philippa- you're the best! You put my mind at ease. FYI Marvie's bedroom is all finished and looks great. I think she will like it here. Sleep well, Tracey (Georgetown, ON)

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hay, first i would like to THANK YOU for always getting intouch with me if hows my situation with my employer. i thank GOD that i got a good employer. they always asked me if what they need to buy for me like for excample foods. so if am going to say please buy me like this and like that so they bought it for me. i may say that i am one of those luckies nanny in canada that you give a helping hand. i always APPRECIATE that your always calling me. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS its me, milagros (Oakville, ON)

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Hi Shelley; I just wanted to quickly touch base with you to let you know how wonderful our experience has been. Our nanny Fortuna, has made friends in the community and seems very happy. She is a perfect fit with our family and all of our children like her very much. We have no complaints whatsoever and have never regretted our decision to go this route. I have recommended to many other people that they should consider a live-in-nanny particularly if they have more than 2 children. The convenience alone is worth it. I love knowing that the children who are not in school, are at home. I know what they?re eating and what they?re doing??.she paints, does crafts, plays outdoors, takes the bus downtown to the library, goes to the park etc. with them. My husband and I get to take our oldest son to his hockey games without dragging three other reluctant kids to a freezing cold arena! We don?t have to take kids to the grocery store. We can leave for work extremely early in the morning without having to wake any of the children; much less drag them to a sitters house in the dark. Obviously, we?re happy. So, if you have any families in the area who are considering a live-in-caregiver and they would like to speak to someone who has experienced it, I would be glad to share our story. Thanks, Karen (Cornwall, ON)

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Hi Colleen, That was really nice of you.Thank-you very much for all your help and support in getting Melba for us. Everything is working out well. Love, ~Shawn, Kim, Myah, Peyton, Jake & Tyson. (Barrie, ON)

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