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Hi Kathleen, As I may have mentioned I am at work and busy.I would like to Thank you SO much for everything your doing in advance. I took a quick look over the nannies in this email and I was interested in Charito because of her nursing background. Just a lill extra security for me as I am very cautious over the care of my daughter. I will look over the others and get back to you soon. Thank you in advance for all your help with everything it's really appreciated. Take care Chat soon Amanda (Fort McMurray, AB)

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Hello there. I am writing to request some information about bringing a nanny to our home in Oshawa. Your organization has been highly recommended by Jemma G. and it is for this reason that I am choosing to use you to help me to find the perfect nanny for our needs. Jemma has also mentioned that she worked with Colleen, was very satisfied with Colleen's work, and, if possible, we would like to work with Colleen also. Sincerely, Karen (Whitby, ON)

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thanks Colleen, You've been great once again!! Meesah (Pickering, ON)

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Colleen, Thanks and I will advise by email of her safe arrival. We have really appreciated your help on this. Regards, Peter (Woodbridge, ON)

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Thanks Colleen...we are impressed with your service. Erin (Barrie, ON)

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Hi Philippa, I just wanted to thank you for answering all of my questions the other day. Kimberly really spoke highly of you, and and come so highly recommended! Thanks a lot. Hayley (Georgetown, ON)

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Thank you Philippa! You are so fabulous! We definitely want to hire Virgilia. Loved her! I will complete the attached. Melissa (Oakville, ON)

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Thank you for your kind and supportive conversation today. I feel happy about our decision and now look forward to hearing from Sherry. I faxed the papers to you this evening. Talk to you soon, Debbie (Milton, ON)

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HI Colleen, I did receive the fax, it was wonderful and I really appreciate all of the consistent effort you put into finding the right fit for our family. I think Amy will be great to work with...Thanks again for all your magical help! Piper (Newmarket, ON)

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Hi Colleen, My deep apologies for the long silence. No, I am not ignoring your emails. It has just been a long few weeks and I do appreciate the help Cindy is to us. She is quiet, dependable, very willing and caring. The children love her. The morning after she arrived, we did her SIN application, applied for bank account and secured her a health insurance. By the end of the week we applied for OHIP. She has been able to get around and seems to be adjusting. I had mentioned to her the option of contacting your office for names of other caregivers in the area. Thank you very much for remembering me during mother's day. If you are a mother too, my greetings to you as well! Do take care and once again thank you for all your help. Sincerely, Dianne (Markham, ON)

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