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Amy M...

32 years ,

I started working in Hong Kong to a Chinese family with a 2 yrs old toddler from 2018 until the present. I am mainly responsible to provide aa fulltime childcare for Hei Hei. My main duties include the following: Prepare healthy meals for Hei Hei and the whole family. Make sure Hei Hei eats properly and at a regular time. Bath him, and groom Teach him potty training, brush his teeth, wash his face and hands, teach him manners, and respect his elders, teach him to read, write and draw, and count numbers, play with him educational games like memory games, flashcards, reading stories, etc. I bring him also to his playgroups. Now he is 4 yrs. and he attends K-2. So I bring him to school and fetch him afterward, help him do his homework every day. I also share the room with him at night so that I can monitor him when he wakes in the night time. I love my job and so with the family that I work for especially Hei Hei. I am a mother myself so I know how to give a touch of love to children.

  • Educational / Teaching
  • 1 - 2
  • English & Tagalog