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31 years ,

Caring for children is not a job for me; It is my passion. Being a Caregiver has been a great path for me that enabled me to provide my needs in my studies. At an early age, during my high school, and college days; I remember juggling my times between caring for the children of my employers and going to school. I have learned to manage my time well. While providing exceptional care for the children left under my care. Their safety and well-being are my priorities. I have learned to master the art of befriending with them while caring for them. This experience has prepared me well with the job I am doing now in Hong Kong. I came to work with the family when their twin babies are just 2 months old. Now, They are going to be 2 yrs old this coming September 2019. I am the sole caregiver for the twins as both parents are working. My lady employer went back to work when the babies turned 3 months old. So I have to be vigilant, alert and quick in my moves. I always focus my attention on them when they are awake. My main duties include preparing healthy meals, feed them, bathe them with care, change their diapers, play with them, bring them to the park and playground. The twins now are very active thus require more alertness and discipline to them.

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