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Raquel L...

31 years ,

I came to work in Hong Kong from 2016 until now. My first employer was with the Lee family; I took good care of a newborn baby named Angie. I feed the baby on time, burped her, bathed, groomed and dressed her appropriately, changed diapers, prepared her food, taught her how to read and write the alphabets and numbers, singing nursery rhymes was a big help too. I made sure baby's room is hygienic and things such as feeding bottles, baby cutleries, bowls, and plate are sterilized. I love taking good care of baby Angie. I was with her for 2 years. My current employer is with the Cheung's family who has a 2 active children Karis (4) and Cyrus (8). I am the sole caregiver for the children. I assist the children's daily needs such as preparing their meals, prepare their school needs and uniforms, bring them to school and fetch them afterward, I help them with their homework. Bring them to the parks to play and mingle with other kids as well. I teach them to respect and honor their parents and elders. Apart from my childcare, I also do the household chores efficiently.

  • Business / Commerce
  • 3 - 4
  • English & Tagalog