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Sonia B...

55 years , Hong Kong

I have been looking after elderly and disabled for more than 9 years already but with different employers. My first employer was in Taiwan for 5 years since Feb. 1997 to Feb. 2002 and I looked after a 95 years old grandma until she passed away. Then my second employer was also in Taiwan since July 2006 to July 2009 and I took care of an 89 years old male who was also wheel chair bound. He is suffering from diabetes so I inject insulin to him regularly. My present employer since May 2016 is that I am allso looking after an 87 years old disabled grandma who is wheelchair bound and is also insulin dependent due to diabetes. She is also being fed by Naso Gastric Tube feeding (NGT) and has polycatheter which I clean regularly.

  • Midwifery
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  • English, Tagalog