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Ginalyn R...

30 years , Hong Kong

A family should choose me because I am so passionate taking care of elderly. My grandmother is my inspiration in doing it so. I am hardworking person,easy to be with, honest and God fearing. Elderly are just like kids needs more patience in taking care of them but if you are passionate you don't have any problem dealing with it. Sense of humor,and be a good listener because love to reminiscing-they to tell stories about their past either happy moments or sad. I know how to cheer them up during their lonely moments, emotional support is very important to elderly. You know what at this stage they feel like they are useless, they pity themselves but with our support, love and presence we can help them feel important. At present, I am working here in Hong Kong as a nanny of an 85 years old male and 84 years old female. I love them both even they are having their mood swings but no problem with it because I know how to handle it. I am assisting them with their morning care like bathing, grooming and dressing, I am preparing their foods, accompanying to their appointments to their doctor preparing and administering their medicines. Also I am accompanying them with their regular walk everyday and site seeing in the park. Aside from all those responsibilities, I am doing complete household chores like cooking, cleaning the house, washing, marketing etc.

  • Nursing / Medical
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  • English, Tagalog