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Dealing with Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety is anxiety provoked in a young child by separation or the threat of separation from their primary caregiver. Whether it starts early or late, whether it’s mild or severe, separation anxiety is a normal part of a child’s development and because we know it can be a stressful journey, we’ve put together a few tips to help families cope.

We recommend starting small! Practice in your home environment with a friend/babysitter by leaving the room for a short amount of time before returning. If your child cries, have your friend comfort them and let them know you will be back shortly; you can also call out to let them know you are still there and will just be a few minutes. As your child becomes accustomed to your small absences, you can increase the time you are away. Eventually your child will learn that they are still safe even when you are not present and that you will always reappear.

If you will be leaving your children with a childcare provider for long periods of time make sure that you have prepared them and yourself for this change, especially if this is the first time you will be doing so. You may have practiced short absences with your child and readied them as much as possible for this next step, but it’s not uncommon for parents to forget that they may also feel anxious or even guilty about leaving their child for the day. Make sure to talk to your child’s caregiver about your feelings and let them know you might call to check in with them or would like to receive updates throughout the day. Find a way for you to stay connected during your absence so you can be more at ease and able to concentrate when you’re out.

Be sure to say goodbye before you go. You may do this before your caregiver arrives, you may do it right before you head out the door, every family is different and you will have to find what works best for you, as long as you take the time to acknowledge your absence with your child so they are not caught off guard when you are suddenly not there. Some children react badly when they know you’re leaving, but regardless of how upset the child is, sneaking out only adds to anxiety, increases the fear of abandonment, and breaks down the child’s sense of trust.

If your child is still having difficulties with your absence, consider leaving behind a transitional object. This could be a blanket, a teddy, or a personal item such as Mommy’s bracelet, Daddy’s watch, etc. – something of comfort to help a child feel more secure and remember that you will be back soon.

Remember, overcoming separation anxiety is a gradual process that takes a different amount of time for each child. But you will all get through it and pretty soon the time they spend with their caregiver will be a positive and exciting part of your child’s routine that everyone looks forward to.

Where to Au Pair – Regina Saskatchewan

The sunniest capital city in Canada, Regina is the perfect place to call home.  Known for its generous, friendly people and rich community pride, Regina is a beautiful oasis on the prairies with more than 350,000 hand-planted trees. There are many attractions and events that take place all year in Regina for residents and tourists alike. It is an excellent location to Au pair, with an abundance of parks, sports and recreational facilities, bicycle pathways, family attractions and an exceptional quality of life.

If you’re an Au Pair in Regina, you don’t want to miss Last Mountain Lake.

Roughly 40km North West of the city, the lake is 70km long and only 2km wide at its widest portions. But exploring the lake may take a few days as it offers two beaches and a Provincial Park, situated on its east shore. Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park is the perfect place to kick back, relax and have fun! The park contains a marina for boaters and sea-goers, trails for hiking and biking, playgrounds, picnic areas, a corn maze and two mini gold courses! Bond with your host family and stay for a weekend at the full service campground, taking your time to discover everything this lake has to offer.

See what it takes to become a Canadian Mountie!

Every Canadian Mountie gets their red serge tunic and Stetson hat via Regina’s RCMP Depot, the Mountie training facility since 1885. Visit the RCMP Heritage Centre to find out what kind of training these red clad Canadians undertake to become iconic law enforcers. With self-guided audio tours, virtual reality experiences (hop in the saddle and learn some of the intricate moves Mounties perform) and the Sargent Major’s Parade (weekdays at 12:45pm) you will get an unforgettably Canadian experience!

DowntownTake a day trip to Moose Jaw.

Get the Au Pairs in your area together for a road trip! The beloved and prehistoric prairie town of Moose Jaw boasts more history in its compact centre than all of Regina. Whether your taste leans toward high-energy activities or more passive functions, “The Friendly City” has something for you: Take a tour through the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, becoming part of the underground experience as you travel beneath the city streets. Pay a visit to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa for a soak in Canada’s largest therapeutic geothermal mineral water pool. Explore Moose Jaw’s 28 acre Crescent Park known as “The Jewel of the Prairies” offering activities such as lawn bowling, an outdoor amphitheater, and Moose Jaw’s Art Gallery and Exhibition Centre. The only difficulty you’ll encounter is fitting all of the fun into one day! On your way out, make sure to wave goodbye to Big Mac – the world’s tallest moose: a 32ft sculpture located next to the visitor’s centre, keeping watch over the Trans Canada Highway.

Join in the celebration of music at the Regina Folk Fest!

If you’re in Regina during the second week of August, Victoria Park is the place to be! Join 20 000 fans seeking to catch a glimpse of their favourite folk and indie bands. An annual event in Regina for over 40 years, this three day festival is sporting some huge names in the Indie/Folk scene. With performances by Blue Rodeo, Ani DeFranco, Michael Franti, and Feist to name a few, this will be a weekend to remember. Three days of stellar music performances, an arts market with a selection of outstanding vendors, and workshops to attend between acts all add up to an unforgettable experience! There is also the opportunity to get involved by volunteering, which is an excellent option for Au Pairs saving money as tickets can get pricey.

ReginaSome people say that Saskatchewan is a boring flat of canola farms and prairies. Those people have obviously never visited Regina. From the inspirational and historic little quirks that give it its charm, Regina will capture your heart and have you reminiscing about your time as an Au Pair for years to come!

Montreal is a great city to Au Pair!


 Montreal, Quebec is a lively city filled with galleries, attractions, restaurants, as well as a multitude of annual events and celebrations. Montreal provides no shortage of things you can do.


Montreal is well-known for its fabulous architecture, favourite communities, delicious meals and big selection of cultural areas. Nevertheless, Montreal should be renowned for its open-air fun-based activities too. You’ll find countless outdoor activities you’ll be able to test, particularly if you are keen on fascinating things you can do in Montreal.

Begin your time as an Au Pair with a trip to Mount Royal!

Mount Royal is Montreal’s major milestone. Locals take pleasure in the views offered by this mountain peak year round, so do not even think of omitting this location.


The moment you arrive in Montreal, Mount Royal ought to be your very first place to see. This mountain, even though it is not as tall as you might imagine, showcasing just a height of 233 meters, gives guests the chance to please their eyes with the breathtaking sights that may be noticed when reaching its peak. Walk the Chemin Olmsted Route where you can also experience stunning sceneries. This renowned loop begins and ends in the same location, more specifically on Avenue du Parc, that is positioned at the bottom of the mountain peak.

The great component of Mont Royal is the fact that there’s no entrance fee needed, the hill being pretty much turned into a general public recreation area.

Kayaking and cycling near Lachine Canal

Another place of interest well worth considering is Lachine Canal, a 14 km trail where you’ll be able to jog, enjoy bike rides, or maybe stroll on a Sunday afternoon. In the event you wish to lease canoes, pedal boats or kayaks you can head to H20 Adventures rental heart which can be located in the vicinity of Atwater Marketplace.

The canal offers several bridges, contact other Au Pairs in your area and go for a communal bike ride! If you want to hire a motorbike, there are many rental places you are able to go to.

Urban Biking

The Canal or perhaps the Mountain aren’t the only places in which vacationers can bicycle, taking into consideration which the complete town is crowded with folks who vacation making use of Bixi.

The distinctive concept of Bixi was born a long time ago in Montreal. This idea is essentially a general public sharing system of bikes. People are permitted to visit one of the 411 stations and get bikes which they ride to a different station. As soon as they’ve arrived towards the destination, they spot the bicycle within the rack so that everyone can utilize it. This method needs a daily or annual fee, depending on how much you employ the bicycle.

Surfing, Stand Up Paddle boarding or Kayaking around the St. Lawrence River

Many adventure fanatics will likely be stunned to discover that Montreal is actually a perfect location for surfing. St. Lawrence River has demonstrated to be ideal for this action, and because it is only a handful of minutes away from downtown, draws in many vacationers.

Montreal can easily be compared to New york City, since both cities are island destinations. That is the reason why there exists a plethora of torrents called Lachine Rapids between the city of Montreal and also the south shoreline. There torrents are well-known for their constant waves triggered by the remarkable amount of water, natural characteristics. For $70, you’ll have the time of your Au Pair life while surfing on Lawrence River.

However, do not forget to bring a wetsuit because the water is usually cold. Furthermore, travelers could also benefit from these rapids and boat alongside St. Lawrence River.

Montreal is a year-around city to live in with tons of things to do in the summer. But Au Pairs who love winter season sports and activities will also have a blast because Montreal happens to possess one of the most favored ski zones in North America.63393_4c47a2f2d725d81dccb1bef42f29fdf8590628b0

You can choose snowboarding, ice hiking, snow mobiling, snowboarding and canine sledding.

If one thing is for sure, this is that you will have the perfect time and you’ll live memorable experiences in Montreal.