Nanny's Profile

Svetlana T

33 yrs, Radnicka 3, Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia

If they choose me, the employers would not have to worry about their child (children) care, since I spend the whole day with children. I look after children as if they were mine and offer my maximum, with full commitment and attention. I often point out that I do really engage myself and deal with a child. I give my time and try to help child develop motor skills while playing. I provide quality answer to their questions, subject to their respective age ( I am careful about formulations and words when giving answers). When taking a child out for a walk, I try to enable a child to socialize with other children, I give him a freedom to express own opinion, wishes, always respecting the limits of the said.

  • Graduate Engineer in Agriculture in the part of Agricultural Economics
  • 3 - 4 yrs of experience in Child Care
  • Speaks Serbian and English