Aupair Profile

Jannika L

Age: 19
Country of origin: Germany
Earliest arrival date: September 5th, 2017
Length of placement preference: 10 months
Childcare experience: tutoring, babysitting, intern at daycare center
Children’s age range: experienced with and willing to care for all age groups
Other qualifications: plays the guitar
Driver’s license: Learner’s 05/15; full dl since 11/15
Hobbies: Swimming, Skiing, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Photography, Writing, Reading, Craft, Choir, Dance, Artwork
Message to the Host Family: “Dear host family, I**singlequote**m looking forward to seeing you soon in Canada and I am excited to meeting your family. I am sure about us having a lot of fun together and managing
everyday**singlequote**s challenges. The kids and I are going to be a dream team. If you would like someone
creative, open – minded and reliable, to take care of your children, I hope we**singlequote**re getting in contact.
Best regards. Janni”