Aupair Profile

Julia S

Age: 18
Country of origin: Germany
Earliest arrival date: August 16th, 2017
Length of placement preference: 10 months
Childcare experience: caring for younger family members, tutoring, scout
Children’s age range: experienced with children 1,5 years and older; willing to care for children 2 years and older
Other qualifications: plays the flute, certified youth group leader
Driver’s license: Learner’s license since 02/16; full dl since 08/16
Hobbies: Swimming, Riding, Running, Fitness training, Cooking, Reading, Dance, Cycling, Voluntary work, scout work
Message to the Host Family: “The child´s well-being is my priority and I honor your decision about child education. I am excited about to see you. I hope that we harmonize and will solve problems well.”