Aupair Profile

Paula R

Age: 18
Country of origin: Germany
Earliest arrival date: August 9th, 2017
Length of placement preference: 10 months
Childcare experience: babysitting, tutoring, caring for younger family members, sports coach for kids
Children’s age range: experienced with and willing to care for all age groups
Other qualifications: plays the flute, exchange student in the UK for 6 weeks
Driver’s license: Learner’s since 03/16; full dl by 03/17
Hobbies: Swimming, Riding, Reading, Choir, Cycling, field hockey
Message to the Host Family: “Hi my name is Paula, I am going to take my A Level exams in May and after that I**singlequote**m planning to go directly to Canada. Now there**singlequote**s only the right family missing, with which I can gain new experiences in Canada. The important aspect of going abroad is not first and foremost to spend a year in Canada but to share family life with a Canadian family and be part of this family for the next couple of months. I cannot wait to start this new and exciting adventure! Love, Paula!”